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screenwriter | writer | Screenplay | Award WinningDan is a committed storyteller and screenwriter who writes supernatural thrillers; often with a twist of sci-fi and technology.  He has just completed his 3rd full length script: CODE.


He has studied screenwriting for nearly 10 years including at the Gotham Writing School in New York.   He plans to continue honing the craft of storytelling, building up his body of written works and getting them out to the world.


Below is information about his spec scripts.  For more information or a copy of a script Dan can be reached here.




Original Screenplays


Code | Screenplay | Screenwriter | Writer CODE – They’re watching us

When a brilliant Silicon Valley programmer’s brain is altered by alien code that mysteriously appears on his computer, his desperate search for its source uncovers an extraterrestrial plot to control mankind that he alone must face, outwit, and destroy.







The Unseen | Screenplay | Screenwriter | WriterTHE UNSEEN – There is more to this world then we know

A clairvoyant man is forced to go off anti-psychotic drugs that mask his ability to perceive spiritual realms after his fiance’s soul is abducted by a dark being from another reality.

Finalist in the Scriptapalooza 2012 screen writing competition and quarter-finalist in the 2012 Page Awards.






Karma | Screenplay | Screenwriter | Writer

KARMA – What comes around, goes around

The perfect family falls apart when the daughter turns out to be the reincarnation of a woman her father murdered seventeen years before.

Semi-finalist in the 2007 International Scriptapalooza screenwriting contest and a quarter-finalist in the 2007 Page Awards contest.