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Not everything needs to be disrupted

Yesterday I returned from a two-week vacation through Europe.   I had the opportunity to explore many of the ancient sites, works of art and small retail stores throughout France, Venice, Florence and Rome.   Like many tourists I spent countless hours walking down cobblestone streets, exploring small alleyways, hidden art studios, tiny bookstores, coffee shops and countless other simple, yet beautiful businesses. Much of what I experienced was very old and often inefficient and yet…   It was perfect exactly […]


The future of content

Over many years I’ve had the opportunity to watch the content industry evolve in ways I could not have imagined when I first started in my career.   It began not long after college where I was responsible for watching PBS programs to help determine which shows should be licensed for VHS distribution in retail video stores.  Later it was choosing and licensing software for preinstall on PC’s (Sony and Compaq), followed by building products to distribute music over the […]